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November 04, 2002

The 15 Is Born!

A new nano reef is born! On October 31st I build this aquarium, and on October 28th the lighting hood arrived for it. On November 2nd, I built an oak table top to place on my bookcase so it would be wide enough to hold the new tank. Yesterday, November 3rd, I filled the tank up with water, and today I placed liverock and sand in it, from my recently sold 46 gallon reef.

Lighting consists of one 10,000K 70 watt HQI metal halide, and one 36w smartlamp powercompact. The lighting hood was custom made by Catalina Aquarium (www.petsupplyliquidator.com), and is housed in their Ultra Reef size aluminum fixture. I had it made 20" wide, with a 4" internal cooling fan, and separate switches for each bulb.

The oak tabletop I made is 42"x18"

The canopy is placed directly on top of the tank at this time. I do have some legs to keep the tank about 6" above the water, but after running the hood for a full day, I found it to not get very hot at all. Since it looked better without the legs, I'm going to monitor the water temp and see how it does. The tank top is completely open, and you can see the shimmer of the water with the metal halide.

The picture doesn't do much justice to how nice the lighting looks. Plus, I had just added the sand, so the water was still a bit cloudy. I do plan to replace the smartlamp with a true actinic bulb, as it's very white right now. The tank's dimensions are 20"x16"x14". The sump takes up 3" of the back depth.

As you can see the tank desperately needs more rock and sand. It was hard to judge how much rock I was going to need, but I'll be able to get more soon. I ran out of sand as well.

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