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May 11, 2003

New corals!

Here are the photos of the new coals I got from Logical Reef:


Last night I was at a meeting of local reef keepers. We decided to organize the group into a club, the "Central Ohio Reef Aquarists." I picked up some purple montipora and two orange/red ricordea from one of the guys there. I also sold the torch coral and a few of the gsp frags. Right now the montipora and ricordea are floating ontop of the tank until I can mount them.

The montipora will be my first SPS for this system. I think it should do well with the lighting I have. Plus, it's a very hardy coral. Here they are floating in a basket:

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May 05, 2003

Green Star Polyp Woes

Since I've been whinning about how the green star polyps in the 15 have become weeds, I thought I'd take some photos to show it. The first one is the underside of the GSP, which are growing on the back wall, as well as the side panel. I thought it was kind of a neat view. The second is the GSP with all the polyps closed. You can see how much space it covers just when they're closed! They cover nearly half the rock when they're open (the clumps fill in so thick you cannot see the mat).


I just took some frags off of them today using the 'rip up with fingernail' method. I managed to clear out a small area, but it's not enough yet. The way that they grow makes it really hard to pull them up.

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May 03, 2003

What's new

Last thursday I added a torch coral, candycane coral, and leather to the 15 which came from my 90 gallon. They all seemed to take well to the 15, and have opened up. I don't think the torch coral will be a permanant resident though; I just wanted to get it back into good health outside of the now empty 90 gallon.

I also added an emerald crab to the tank about a week ago. It's kind of big, and very healthy. The moment his little crabby legs hit the aragonite he was chowing down on the cyno and bubble algae patches. It has done a great job of cleaning up the system.

Some of the zoanthid colonies are reproducing, while others stay closed up half the day. It's kind of odd. I may try moving the corals around in the tank to see if it helps any. The turquoise ricordea started to open up really big this past week, and appear to have finally adjusted to the system. And the green star polyps continue to spread like weeds. There's more growth in the area where I scraped them off the back wall 3 weeks ago too. I really to need to figure out how to get them up from the rock.

If you have any suggestions for removing GSP with a very thin mat from liverock, please leave a comment!

Photo updates coming soon, I promise!

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