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May 11, 2003

Today's Photos

Not everything wanted to be open for the photos, but I really wanted to post some. I fragged the anthelia yesterday, but didn't have much luck getting out more than a tiny bunch. I'll have to figure out a better plan.



The last photo has two of my favorite corals together :) When I moved those zoanthids in from the 15, they were relatively brown looking. Now they've changed such a beautiful color morph. I think the centers are going to be change a little more too.

If you look to the front left of the tank, you may notice that there's no longer any yellow polyps on that rock. The kenya tree behind them finally wipped them out.

If you have any good idea to quickly remove anthelia and control them better, please leave a comment for me! I don't mind having a small patch, but I need to have a method to easily remove the growth.
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May 08, 2003


The emerald crab was converted from the dark side of tank destruction and is finally doing his job. Right now he's working on the patch of bubble algae on the top rock, and it's about 2/3 gone!

Just wanted to update, so no one thought he continued with his evil ways :-)

Today I'm going to frag the anthelia patch for this saturday's frag swap. Hopefully it will come up ok and I'll just be left with a small colony again. I'll definately take a before and after photo and post it!

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May 04, 2003

Emerald Crab - Friend or foe?

After a day of running amuck in my 7.5 nano reef, I'm not too sure I want him in there. I've yet to see him eat any of the bubble algae in the tank. He's just cruising around, trying to move anything possible. He's successfully toppled the ricordea rock and pushed various rocks apart so he could go between them.

When I look into his crabby eyes, I see burning fire...that can't be good, right?!

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May 03, 2003

New emerald crab

I just added an emerald crab to the 7.5 tonight. They were on sale at the lfs for $5.95, so I picked out a smaller one. Hopefully it will eat up the two patches of bubble algae and keep them from coming back. The one in the 15 has been doing a wonderful job of cleanup.

Not much else is new in the tank, besides coral growth. Everything is just growing so well. What started off as one blue mushroom in october is now 4 blue mushrooms as of tonight. The green ricordea's baby is now almost as large as the other polyps. The anthilia are still spreading; one stalk is almost 8" tall now. That patch started from just 5 tiny polyps in october. The green star polyps, toadstool leather, and kenya tree are growing as well, but not very quickly. The zoanthids I added from the 15 a few months ago are always open now, and I think have sprouted some kids.

I'm hoping to move more zoanthid frags over from the 15 gallon this week, or maybe the next. I plan to frag the anthilia for an upcoming local frag swap on the 10th. That should take a nice bite out of the patch and make room for something new.

I'll try to get some photo updates soon!

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