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June 25, 2003

All done

The water changes all went well. Some of the corals closed up some though, so I am going to wait to take photos. I'll probably have some time soon to take some.

The journals for each tank have also been updated.

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Water Change Day

OK, so I lied. I've been busier than ever with business stuff.

I decided that I have been slacking long enough. and it's time for a waterchange for both of the nano reefs. You know, it's really amazing how stable these systems become after awhile. I don't think I've done a waterchange on the 7.5 in over 8 months.

I'll really try to try to get some photos this time :-)

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June 07, 2003

I'm back!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I was so busy with end of the year school stuff that I didn't have much time to take photos.

Now that I'm done with school I have some more time on my hands, and I'll try to post updates on the tanks soon.

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